Update: We have a new motor, and our house is back under 80 degrees again. Yes!

Dear Sugar Land Fire Department,

Thank you. Thank for so much for coming out and making a crazy woman at home by herself feel better about not burning to death with all of her animals and books and precious computers and photo equipment and clothing…and just everything. Thank you for humoring me and sniffing around my house and saying hi to my dog and hopefully not thinking I am every bit as crazy as I really am. Even though there was no fire, you saved the day and I am so, so grateful to you for it.



An explanation-last night JD was gone playing board games with his buddies and I started smelling smoke. Hmmm, weird. So I went outside thinking there might be a fire in the area, no smoke there. Started sniffing around the house-no smoke, no fire. I turned off JD’s computer just in case. Unplugged mine. Felt all around the kitchen for hot spots. Nothing. But it still smelled like smoke, and it kept getting worse.

Finally I bit the bullet and just called the fire department. I hated tying up an emergency line and a fire crew because I didn’t really feel like it was an emergency…but I really, really needed them to come out and assure me that our house wasn’t going to burn down. I was at the point where I starting to contemplate grabbing JD’s external hard drives, our animals, and my laptop and getting my tail outside.

So they came over and got my neighbors really excited and checked out everything in the house-our dishwasher, the attic, my study that is still full of all our wedding stuff…etc. And of course my hair was dirty and I had no makeup on.

No fire. No emergency. I felt really silly. I’m sure for a while they thought I was some desperate housewife wanting some attention from hot firemen. But they found the problem, and I felt better.

All of this isn’t what’s WTF today. It’s actually pretty awesome. They were very helpful.

But you know what is WTF? The reason I was smelling smoke. It was our freaking air conditioner. It shorted out, naturally, on one of the hottest days of the year. In a year that we’ve seen the AC guy 3 times. So WTF, air conditioner? WTF? And WTF fall? Where the hell are you already?