What Should I Wear to My Session?

what to wear for engagement photos houston, tx what to wear for family photos katy, tx, what should I wear for my portrait session houston, tx, what should I wear for my family portraits katy, txOne of the most common questions we hear from our clients is, “What should I wear to my session?” We totally understand why-you’re going to be sharing and looking at the photos we take for years (and years and years…), so it’s important that you love the way you look!

The simple answer is: whatever makes you comfortable, confident, and happy.

The long answer is…we want you to feel good about yourself. So by all means, pull out the high heels that make you feel like a rockstar, wear the shirt that you know you always look good in, and bring a pair of sandals just in case your rockstar heels start to hurt! :)

For couples: We recommend staying true to your style. If you aren’t often seen in a cocktail dress and suit, it’s probably not a good idea to show up in them for your engagement session! We love to see brides in a cute dress, and grooms in button down shirts and jeans. Think about how your colors will coordinate together, and be careful to avoid clashing prints!

For families: Gone are the days of white oxfords and jeans! These days, we see families that pick a color or two (like grey and yellow), and build around that. Boys can wear jeans and polos, girls in sweet dresses, Mom in a pair of jeans and heels with a lovely top, and Dad in a button down shirt and pants. Accessories are lots of fun! Big necklaces, hats, even scarves (if the weather’s right) are all welcome additions.

Need more ideas? We have an endless supply of photo session outfit inspiration on Pinterest (including our favorite: Disney-inspired outfit boards!). Check it out: Photo Session Style Guide

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