Have you ever found something online, and realized you want it so badly that if you ordered it, you’d crash the UPS website checking the status of your package? Yeah, this bacon chocolate falls under that category.

The company also makes some delicious looking wedding favors. But you should totally go for the bacon. Buy me some.

Oh, and if you want some bacon bread, check out Collin Street Bakery. They don’t sell it online, but this Texas institution has a new location right off 45 on the way to Dallas. JD and I got some this weekend, and it’s awesome for making egg sandwiches when you don’t have bacon in the house.

From the cute idea department, I present Memory Lane. One couple created a collection of photos from birth to their wedding day, and lined a walkway with them at their wedding. How sweet is that?

More photos of this couple’s gorgeous vineyard wedding can be seen at their website.

Over in arts and crafts, we have origami wedding flowers! What a great idea. This is such an awesome twist on fresh flowers. And just think, they’ll look beautiful forever.

This couple’s wedding was full of origami. Even the bridesmaids got origami necklaces as gifts.

Finally, hilarity ensues when a Slate Magazine writer tries to see if he and his wife can spend a day together. The kicker? They can not be any more than 15 feet apart. Even for JD and I, this would be a little extreme. Especially on the toilet.

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