I love springtime. Everything is new, and so is this ridiculously cute family!! The Barrineaus just adopted Bella, and we’re honored that they are our very first Red Thread Sessions clients. We had a great time meeting Amy, Brook, and Bella (who is pretty much the sweetest) and getting to know this brand new family! I asked Amy to share a little bit about how their family came together:

Our exciting adoption journey started ten years ago when we wanted to have a child. We had been trying for a child for a number of years without any success. Adoption always held a special place in our hearts because we have many friends who were adopted into wonderful families. After interviewing a friend of ours, we were pleased to hear about his wonderful experience with The Gladney Center for Adoption and decided to do some research and attend the on campus orientation in Fort Worth, TX. After a lot of prayer we felt that God led us to The Gladney Center at just the right time to meet just the right birthmother. Not long after we had been approved with The Gladney Center, we got a phone call from our caseworker; she excitedly told us that we had been inquired of by a young birthmother. We were so excited to hear she wanted to have a phone conversation with us and meet us face to face. Our birth mother loved our lifestyle. She was very pleased with her decision to place her daughter into our family.

Our relationship with her and her family went off with a bang and has been wonderful ever since. We developed a relationship with her through the end of her pregnancy and had the opportunity to walk with her in the last trimester. We were there on the day that our baby was born; she has been an absolute miracle in our life. God has blessed us with the perfect little girl; she’s so happy, healthy and full of life. Each day with her is a new adventure. We love her so much!!! We are so grateful to our birth family and The Gladney Center for turning us from a couple of 16 years to a family of three. We don’t take a single day for granted and praise God for his favor and blessings.

Amy and Brook

JD and I are so glad we’ve had the opportunity to document this extra special time in the lives of the Barrineaus!


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