JD and I have two of the awesomest, most gosh darn sweet and cute nieces on the face of the Earth. It has come to my attention that even though we have a ton of photos of them, I’ve never shared them here! I think it’s about time we rectified that situation, isn’t it? Here’s a tiny handful of our two favorite tiny ladies in the world!

Meet Gracie-she lives in Houston, so we’ve been able to do two sessions with her now. This was taken when she was just about four months old. I have another one from this session that shows off her totally cute baby butt, but I think I’ll save it so that we can bring it out again when we meet her first boyfriend!
gracie's photo session at four months

My how she has grown! She’s just shy of a year here.
gracie's session at one year old

She’s learning at a young age that magazines are pretty fun. Here she is soaking in one of her grandmother’s magazines. I am pretty sure she was in the other room when this happened!
gracie eating a magazine at one year

Our other niece is Sosie. She lives in Boston, so we don’t get to see her as much, but we certainly love every minute we get with her. This past August, we went up to Boston for a visit, then drove up to Maine for the day. Here we are walking along the Marginal Way.
sosie waving on the marinal way in maine

Sosie and her parents Brandon and Kristen came for a visit on MLK weekend, a belated holiday trip. While they were here, we spent a quick early afternoon at the zoo. Poor Sosie was really sick, but I think she had a great time anyway.
sosie and kristen at the houston zoo

Like most kids her age, Sosie is totally obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. She pretty much has the intro memorized-I’ve seen video proof! But she does take some time out to say hi to the giraffes every now and then.
sosie and brandon checking out the giraffes at the houston zoo

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little glimpse into our family!

  • I love Yo Gabba Gabba. My one year old son has gone crazy for it ever since 6 months old! I am impressed by how many celebrities have appeared on the show. Muno rules!