Remember all the fun we had with our new brewery friends in Katy and San Antonio? We went back for another round to support our friends at Open The Taps, this time photographing brewers in Dallas! We got to stop by two very new breweries in the DFW area, and it turned out to be a blast (as if we expected anything else)! We hung out with the absolutely adorable family of Peticolas Brewing, and saw the brand new Lakewood Brewing Company as it was coming together. We may have enjoyed some beer along the way, too! Check out our favorites from these two sessions:

Our son Finn got to tag along to our Dallas sessions, and our time at Peticolas was hands down his favorite: the Peticolas kids were so sweet and fun to play with! I lost count of the number of times Finn hugged and kissed them all. We preferred hanging out in the cold box (the kids didn’t!) but we all had a great time!

Lakewood was just as exciting. We’ve never had the opportunity to see a brewery under construction before, so it was really cool to see Lakewood as its equipment was coming together. We met the whole family and even got to try some of their soon-to-be-released beers (spoiler alert: they’re good!)

A million thanks to both Peticolas Brewing and Lakewood Brewing Company for letting us invade and being a part of our project. We hope that our efforts can help Open the Taps make a difference for beer in Texas!

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