Hi, Jessica here. Remember me?

Yeah, I know it’s been about a month, and I have a good excuse. No, I haven’t been sick, or out of the country, or without an Internet connection (heaven forbid!). We have been FREAKING BUSY. I am proud to announce that the wedding season is officially in full swing for Snaptacular Photos. As JD told you, we had a great engagement session with Ashley and Jason, plus, we’re hitting Tamera and Scott’s wedding this weekend (I’ve heard there will be margaritas!). Oh, and we just launched a newly redesigned website last night. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are going to try to squeeze one more wedding in before OUR wedding day, and then it’s time to cut loose!

Also, much to our parents’ surprise and delight, we’re actually getting things done pretty nicely for our own wedding. One would hope-as we’re getting pretty close to T-minus one month. Of course, JD still has nothing to wear, we need to figure out the logistics on karaoke, finish working on our engagement photos, and send out our invitations (like TODAY), but we’ll work it out. No matter what happens, we have our food and alcohol locked in, and that’s the important part, right?

Oh, and I still get to marry JD, of course. Who could forget that?