Eric, Porsche said it was OK for you to see these…but if you don’t want to see her in her wedding dress, this is your warning! Close. the. window. now. (!!!)

I know I say this a lot, but we had so so so much fun with Porsche on her bridal shoot!

porsche's backyard bridal session in spring, texas

I had a crazy idea to do the session in her parents’ backyard, and Porsche was totally into it. It was really convenient for her to get ready, and it was fun to meet the challenge of posing and photographing in a different situation than we’re used to. It was also really amusing to rearrange all of their patio furniture-we even dragged some inside furniture out into the backyard. We had a silly, great time, and I think JD captured some really awesome stuff!

What’s more beautiful than a happy bride?
porsche's backyard bridal session spring, tx happy bride

We had some fun with props, including this jaunty top hat:
porsche's backyard bridal session spring, texas with top hat

Oh, and don’t forget the peacock feathers! Porsche’s going to have a ton at the wedding.
porsche's backyard bridal session spring, texas peacock feathers and birdcage veil

Here’s a shot with the chair that got dragged out of her parents’ house.
porsche's backyard bridal session spring, texas armchair

Porsche thought it would be fun to take some photos in her bedroom. Who are we to say no?
porsche's bedroom bridal session spring, tx birdcage veil

Finally, we just can’t neglect her shoes and the great detail on her dress.
porsche's bedroom bridal spring, texas bridal shoes

Porsche and Eric, we hope you love these-and we can’t wait for your wedding. We are so happy that you’re the ones who will be kicking off 2009 for Snaptacular Photos!