JD and I like to get out of the house every now and then to do neat stuff like the Saint Arnold’s tour, Dynamo games, and the occasional concert. Exciting and fun, right? Right.

However, these types of events aren’t really the type of place I like to haul my purse to. It’s generally hot and crowded, security wants to dig through my stuff, I don’t know where to put it when I sit down, and I’m too busy having a good time to try and make sure I don’t lose it. So what do I do? I stuff JD’s pockets with my crap instead. Yay!

We do this all the time. JD doesn’t really like it, but he endures it. And we have been successfully married for about a month. So I thought it might be nice to share a few of my tips for pocket-stuffing success without divorce.

-Buy your husband shorts with 12 pockets. I got this pair for like $10 on sale at Dillards. And then I bought him 3 more. They seriously have 12 pockets, which means they take the term “cargo shorts” to a whole new level. Two of them are credit card-sized. $10 is cheaper than pretty much any cute purse you might be able to find, and these shorts have the added bonus of clothing your significant other. They have lasted forever, too. This is a purchase you can feel good about, trust me.

-Don’t forget a belt. The aforementioned 12 pocket shorts wisely come with a belt, but if yours don’t, make sure you get one. If you make him carry heavy stuff like your cell phone (or rocks), you want to be sure that the shorts are going to stay on.

-Know your limits. Yes, there are 12 pockets. No, you should not stuff them all. Only bring what you REALLY need to. For me, that’s usually a few important pieces from my wallet, some lip gloss, and depending on where we’re going, my cell phone. Note: if it’s that time of the month, by all means, bring your purse. Your husband might be alright with you putting tampons in the shopping cart, but you just can’t ask him to put them in his shorts.

-Carry stuff for him sometimes. When you do have your purse, help him take a load off. It’s only fair that you pay him back. Bonus points for helping him smuggle snacks into the movie theater with your purse.


Note: I am sure JD will read this and hate me for it. Love you honey! (and your pockets)